Jazz group I play with: http://brentkimbrough.com/

High profile corporate band I sing with: http://www.arlenmusic.com/home/dance-bands-menu/skyline-home
Blues,Soul,Funk outfit I play and sing with: http://www.midnightbluechicago.com/
Americana soul group I play for: www.jtandtheclouds.com
Blues group I play for: www.brotherjohn.com
This is my good friend's hand made jewlery! She's got skills: dolltags.com
Chicago Blues,Swing and Rock and Roll band I play for: www.special20s.com
9 piece funky New Orleans style parade band I play in and compose for: www.lowdownbrassband.com

Contact me for more info on these links at chris@christophernealmusic.com

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